With Over 15 years of experience, Bahman Eslami has established himself as a creative designer specialized in Arabic typography, creative coding and animation, offering design solutions to transform brands messages for Arab world and Persia. He has designed the Arabic companion for some of most well-known Latin typefaces, including Fedra , Kohinoor, Diodrum and Award winning Harir typeface.

After receiving MA in Type & Media from Royal Academy of Visual Arts (KABK) he established his studio "Bahman Design" in The Hague, The Netherlands offering services to type foundries and graphic design studios, including Typotheque, Commercial Type, Black Foundry, Indian Type Foundry and Karel Martens.

Key skills

Expert in Arabic typography with excellent proficiency in design applications (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop). Specialized in creating dynamic simulations, rendering, shading and subdivision modeling (Maya, Renderman). Proficient in Python, familiar with C++, Xcode, Javascript, HTML and CSS.

Bachelor of Graphic Design

University of Tehran | Tehran, Iran | 2005 - 2010

IRIB broadcasting - TV5
Creative Director - Lead 3D Artist | TV Ident | 2010
Created 4 TV Idents for different programs of TV5.

Raeika Pictures Studio
Lead 3D Artist | Dubai bridges | 2008
Modeled the construction, created shaders and lighting for the TV commercial.

Raeika Pictures Studio
Lead 3D Artist | Lorel & Hardy short animation | 2008
Modeled and textured the characters, supervised animators for the animation.

Raeika Pictures Studio
Lighting Artist - Compositor | Centipede | 2008
Created the shaders and lighting for photo realistic rendering of the character.

IRIB broadcasting - TV4
Lead 3D Artist | TV Ident | 2006
Created the models and animated the graphics according to the storyboard for the TV ident.

Simaye Novin Pictures
Lead 3D Artist | Various Projects | 2000-2006
The lead 3d Artist in the team as Matte Painter, Visual Effects expert, Character Designer and Animator to create CG animations for feature films, TV commercials and TV Idents.

Exhibitions \ Voluntary work

Letter Lords & Caligra Freaks | PIP - Den Haag | 2016
Created the music video using python and typography for the exhibition in collaboration with Jasper Terra.

Jahate Etela Magazine | Iranian Graphic Designers Associations (IGDS) | 2013
Designed the layout for two numbers of the magazine.

Farsi Type Design | Meshki Publishings | 2012-2013
Provided articles and materials and designed the structure of the website.

Technical Experience

Python (import robofab, vanilla, drawBot, fonttools, PyObjC, ...): 3+ years

Robofont, Glyphs, Superpolator, Metrics Machine: 6+ years

Adobe Photoshop: 16+ years

Adobe Illustrator: 8+ years

Adobe InDesign: 6+ years

Autodesk Maya: 12+ years

CSS/HTML/Javascript: 1 year

Fontlab Studio: 4+ years

Apple Motion: 1 year

OpenType Feature File Specification: 5+ years

C++: 1 year